• staff

    Amy DelPo


    I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area about ten years ago with my husband and three children, and I am very happy to call Park Hill home. I have a law degree and a master’s degree in library science. Librarianship is my third career, after journalism and law, and I must say that the third time is the charm, because I love enriching people’s lives by connecting them with books, information, and their communities. I have been working as a reference librarian at the Denver Public Library for about five years. i continue to work there part time.


    When I don’t have my head in a book, you can find me biking around the neighborhood, hiking through our beautiful Colorado wilderness, or baking in my own kitchen. I am thrilled to be bringing my passion for reading and 21st century information literacy to the students, teachers, and families of McAuliffe.

    Beth Ellsworth

    Paraprofessional, teacher

    I love working with McAuliffe students and staff because they really are the best teachers and professionals I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot!


    You’ll see me working in the library and guest teaching in classrooms in all subject areas and grade levels. My family lives in Park Hill, so I get to see many of you around the neighborhood when I’m walking my dog, Zelda.


    I probably know your name, and I may even know your Mom and Dad, so keep that in mind.


    I majored in French and English in college, but Spanish is my favorite foreign language. My Master’s Degree is in Bilingual Education. I taught high school a long time ago, but I decided I prefer middle schoolers. I am very lucky to get to spend time with you as we learn and laugh together.


    For fun I sing in the Montview choir, volunteer and travel to faraway places.

    Jennifer Seward


    Growing up I lived on military bases all over the world. During middle school, I lived in a remote village in Italy, with no TV and no other English speaking families. Books became my lifeline.


    I moved to Colorado in high school and later attended the University of Denver, where I graduated with a degree in journalism.


    Today I live in Stapleton with my husband, two children and our silly Labradoodle, Roxie. We enjoy walking and biking around our neighborhood, hiking and skiing in the beautiful Colorado mountains and exploring the many museums and restaurants that make Denver so special.


    While I’ve been working as a freelance writer, editor and communications consultant, I have also been volunteering for our neighborhood schools. My son attended McAuliffe, and now my daughter is here.


    I love working in the library and helping nurture your passion for books and the world around us.

    Shae Patnoe


    I started my McAuliffe “Library Lady” journey as an after-school parent volunteer. When the opportunity arose to join the McAuliffe staff, I jumped at the chance. The students here are awesome and I just love our fantastic library!


    Books have surrounded me throughout my life and have always been good friends. I remember taking road trip vacations and annoying my Dad because I had my nose in a book instead of looking out the window at “this beautiful scenery."


    I am a Colorado native, growing up on a farm in eastern Colorado. I earned my Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. I enjoy skiing and rock climbing with my family, crafting and reading in my spare time.


  • Materials selection POLICY

    "Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve." -- Sidney Sheldon

    The librarian selects materials that support the library’s mission. The librarian follows the Library Materials and Resources Selection policy of Denver Public Schools.


    Because middle school students vary in age, maturity, and life experience, not all materials in the library will be appropriate for all students. Parents are encouraged to read what their children are reading and to bring any concerns to the librarian.


    Denver Public Schools has established procedures for handling official requests that a library item be removed or reconsidered. Those procedures can be found here .

  • mission

    Welcome! The mission of the McAuliffe Library is to create both a physical and an intellectual space to support the development of our students into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring people who understand and have a positive impact on their local and global communities. The library achieves this by doing the following:

    Fostering a Love of Reading

    The McAuliffe library is a student-centered library that celebrates and promotes reading for fun and knowledge, enjoyment and understanding. The librarian selects books that students will love, always keeping in mind that when students get to choose what they read, they excel.

    Creating Connection and Community

    The library is a vibrant center of community that connects McAuliffe students, teachers, and staff to each other and to the world through programs, learning opportunities, and carefully chosen print, digital, and Web-based resources.

    Teaching Information and Media Literacy Skills

    The librarian instructs students on 21st century information and media skills, helping them to navigate and master their media-saturated world. Students are taught how to access, assess, and understand the information they want and need..

    Supporting the Curriculum

    The librarian collaborates with teachers to extend the classroom into the library and to extend, deepen, and support the curriculum with library and outside materials..


    The library is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 to 4:10. Students can come to the library during class with a pass from their teacher, during Advisory, during Language Arts Reading Zone, during lunch, and after school.


    Students can also come to the library before school by appointment.